I’m happy black woman with natural hair. ¡So you people get over it

Since I have  my natural hair I’ve noticed that : People not only believed that  i  don’t have money to straighten my hair . But they  also  convinced that it is a way to feel more African.
Even  some   of my  friends I  though  they understood  African concept. They  don’t understand.
Before I used  to tried to explain them that  wearing my natural hair, had nothing to do with feeling more african. It was just one more  way ,I have to understand my life. For me it was a step in the discovery  of my own person. I am vegetarian and Buddhist, and therefore I believe in living, eating, loving people with sincerity. And that includes not putting chemicals in my hair. Because it’s a part of me that  don’t want to punish with bad  habits.
And the concept of being or feeling african, or want to be, for letting your hair with your natural texture. Not only  I did find  it stupid, also lacking of any knowledge of people as individuals.Say  that you want to feel more afriacan for choosing a particular hair style. It’s like saying you want to be   a  japanese for buying a  kimono.Or  saying to  white woman: – you dye your hair blonde to feel more  european

And the strangest thing of all is that they Forget that africa is not a country . Is continent with a diversity of people and therefore colors and hair textures . If I want to be more African for not straightening my hair. That means Ethiopian model, Liya Kebede has never been or  felt african .

To summarize: No straightening  my hair is  a individual choice  and  for   my personal health. It  doesn’t  have  to do with a sense of belonging   to any group or foundation.

I  love my natural hair   and  i’m happy  . ¡So  you  people  get over  it !!

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C. Saint Omer

El día que dejé de luchar conmigo misma. Ese día descubrí que también tenia una misión la de hacer que otras personas que estaban en conflicto con su yo. Se miraran desde otra perspectiva más positiva. No solo eso que se dieran cuenta de lo importante que eran y del potencial que albergaban en su interior. Ahora la web antes mis mangue ha cambiado de nombre para convertirse en un espacio de life coaching para ayudar a ti que estas bloqueado, que crees que has perdido el tren. Que deseas salir de zona de confort y no sabes como sigue y descubre que siempre hay un nuevo tren que coger. porque eres más fuerte de lo que crees y más sabio de lo que piesas .

3 respuestas a “I’m happy black woman with natural hair. ¡So you people get over it

  1. i agree.., that is very stupid and surely lack of knowledge in general…, feeling something comes from deep inside and no amount of hair style will give one a purpose or sense of true identity…., it can compliment and add a fact but that as far it goes..

    my hair is natural too, and i live in new jersey which is very close to new-york where almost every one is fashionable, they look at me as not having money or simply not stylish or really African…

    but the thing is , i love my hair the way it is… wash dry and lets go…..

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