Black actresses who make me forget to eat my popcorn.

I love the idea of seeing a new generation of black actresses who play good roles in film and television. The greatest joy I’ve taken in recent years, has been to Tara see appear in true blood . I could not believe that a dark-skinned black woman with braids  appeared in a series of great success. As it happened, I really like the series, but seeing good actress like  Rutina Wesley, on screen is a joy and an incentive to watch True Blood. A series that I really like.
I had not yet recovered from the surprise, when a friend of mine told me about «scandal» by skype. She didn’t explained  any thing to me too, she  just said, -As you study law, this series is perfect, to encourage you to never give up.- And laughed ​as she sent me  greeting from Ausralia «those are the  skype things of  »

So I looked online, and there was the  series. And what, surprise  when  I saw  that the smart and bold, Olivia Pope, was played by a black actress. Kerry Washington‘s  ability to convey on-screen, the strength of a woman who could solve the lapses of the powerful, without even blinking, left me impressed.
This morning as I write this article, I can still see in my mind the images of the new  James Bond movie  «skyfell». And yet I can not believe that «Miss Moneypenny»  is  played by Naomie Harris. She is a wonderful  spy an 007d right hand . Her  action scenes with the car, left me breathless.
And now waiting to see «Afro Samurai» transformed in to a woman. I love the new addition to the walking dead series , Danai Gurira’s Michonne. An  ebony actress  who  handles  a katana like a perfect  samurai. Seeing  how  she  handles the katana. One would say that  she comes from a family of samurai.

This is my first post about black actresses.   They are re full of power, and come to stay.
Thank you  to all for making a difference.

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C. Saint Omer

El día que dejé de luchar conmigo misma. Ese día descubrí que también tenia una misión la de hacer que otras personas que estaban en conflicto con su yo. Se miraran desde otra perspectiva más positiva. No solo eso que se dieran cuenta de lo importante que eran y del potencial que albergaban en su interior. Ahora la web antes mis mangue ha cambiado de nombre para convertirse en un espacio de life coaching para ayudar a ti que estas bloqueado, que crees que has perdido el tren. Que deseas salir de zona de confort y no sabes como sigue y descubre que siempre hay un nuevo tren que coger. porque eres más fuerte de lo que crees y más sabio de lo que piesas .

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I sorry to answer so late, I’m in Africa and is difficult to find a internet place. An yes true blood is about vampires . I do love the show very much.

      1. Hello. It’s okay. My brother is too and he answers my emails like once a week (they lose the connection alot). I have to take a look at this actress Rutina. I’ve never even seen a picture of her. I don’t watch alot of television, a luxury at my place. My roommates are more than fans. Lolol.

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