«Black woman versus white woman» hair routine.

Clarification of point (5) on the hair  routine of white women versus black women.

Not wanting to complicate making comparisons to demonstrate routines that are very similar and yet different in small nuances.
What I do is expose the routine of two different women.

a) Andrea:  22 years old black woman 

Mornings routine
The routine that performs Andrea with her hair every morning before going to college is as follows.
1 – Disposes twist one by one has been done for the night.
2-grabs some coconut cream for hair, apply it until it is well hydrated.
3 – Then run your fingers between the curls to give you the style you like.

The nightly routine of Andrea is a bit more elaborate, but not complicated.
1 – When it’s wash your hair, the first thing is to get a hair sunscreen or intense moisturizer hair before washing (pre-poo) then wash the head with a shampoo without sulfates or chemical ingredients. Once your hair is clean, apply a restorative mask that softens your hair and helps detangle. You like it with your fingers. He seems more comfortable and less harmful than the comb. At the end of this process the hair is rinsed and dried it, but not much. It has to be wet to get the TWI. Before having the twist, apply a styling cream and makes the curls are more defined. Finally he gets his silk cap to end the nightly routine.

b)Cristina 24-year-old white woman 

Morning routine
Cristina, is a woman with semi-wavy hair.
To maintain perfect hair all day, she gets up an hour early to straighten her hair.
1 – She brush her r hair.
2 – And applies a heat shield for the hair.
3 – smoothed the hair with dryer to prepare for the hair straightener.
4 –  She pass the hair  iron straightener until she  think her  hair is smooth enough.
5-Lastly  she applies an oil regenerator, which adds shine to the hair.
It takes about an hour and a half  every  day to do this routine before going to work.

Nights routine
1 – brushes her hair
2 – She gets a ponytail
3 – She sleeps always with a  satin pillow
As You  can  see  both routines are similar, with some differences.
I think there are many women who Shechem by becoming a ponytail or braid before bed.


As you can see both routines are similar with some minor differences

In the last century women were doing curls with pieces of cloth to keep the curl in her hair.
I think the hair is a matter of spending the time you think that your hair needs. Honestly do not think it’s a matter of having it curly or straight.

will not deny that afro hair has had in the past and in our day a negative connotation, or politics to those whose ignorance prevents them from seeing the reality. Consisting almost most black American women or African descent born with curly hair. I say almost because there are areas of africa like Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia and other populations where black women have straight hair. But to pretend that those who were born with curly hair

But to pretend that those who were born with curly hair, we straightening  it to please hypocrites, ignorant. It’s like saying the entire Chinese population  to curl their hair . Just to set the status of beauty, which the ignorant believe that is the only valid one. Because something is fashionable predominates, does not make it the best. I sincerely believe in the power of choice would of the individual woman. And I think she  has the intellectual capacity to choose what looks good or fits on her  and the kind of life she live  or  the moment she is living.
Stop complaining and learn to know the needs of your hair an yourself. If you do this you will notice that some things in life  are not difficult, our attitude makes them difficult.


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