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To Try or Not To Try: Beer on Natural Hair

by Chime Edwards


When I think of beer, to this day Homer Simpson sitting on his sofa sipping a Duff beer pops into my head. When I was a kid, I thought beer caused you to become a little tipsy and belch, but now I’ve discovered the many benefits beer can have on our natural hair.

There are some special components within beer that are better for your hair than soda,  juice or any other beverage. So how does it work? The ingredients found in beer naturally coats each strand when you rinse, soak or spritz your hair with the sudsy beverage. The B-vitamin protein found in malt and hops can aid in repairing your damaged mane. While the maltose and sucrose sugars in beer tightens the hair’s cuticles for enhanced shine. It’s said that the rice, corn or wheat protein in beer may actually deposit on your hair to form a film that strengthens it, but there is no doubt that your hair will seem to be thicker. The proteins left on the hair fiber may cause this effect. Beer is ideal for fine hair because it seems to slightly swell in the hair shaft attributing to the look of thicker locks.

So what kind of beer should you use? Will any ole Budweiser or Miller Light suffice? When using beer as a hair product, it is recommended to use traditional brewed beer made from hops to maximize nutrients and minimize chemicals. Many commercial beers are loaded with ingredients you shouldn’t ingest let alone put on your crown and glory. If you are looking for an excellent cleanser that goes beyond just removing dirt and great to improve your hair’s overall condition beer shampoo may be the best solution. Also, combining beer with jojoba oil can give your hair body while the jojoba oil adds the shine. Lastly, if you want to thoroughly remove build-up from hair products that shampooing may have missed, a beer and cider vinegar rinse will give you the results you’re looking for. Check out the recipes:

Beer Shampoo1 cup mild shampoo, 1/4 cup boiled beer- Start with 1.5 cup beer before boiling and let it cool to room temperature.

Beer Conditioner: 1 cup warm beer (preferably mildly scented), 1 tsp jojoba oil. Follow up your regular shampoo with this natural, non-greasy conditioner.

Beer & Cider Vinegar Rinse: 1 oz water, 2 tsp cider vinegar, 1 oz flat beer, 5 drops rosemary essential oil.

If you’re anything like me, you’re not just gonna have a 6 pack of beer chilling in the back of the fridge. You may have to scoop a can from your bf or dad, and if you’d like, make it known that you don’t want it for the acquired taste beer drinkers rave about. Beer treatments can be used on any hair type, but it is said to be better suited for oily hair than color-treated or moisture-sapped hair, since it tends to leave a dry but healthy feeling. Normally, this would mean us natural girls are left out since we have a tendency to have dry hair but adding an oil or moisturizer after a beer treatment will guarantee your mane receives the healthy benefits. Just to be clear, beer is not a replacement for traditional shampoo or conditioner and should be continuously used only if your hair is improving from the treatments. Clearly, incorporating beer in your hair regimen can be extremely beneficial. Just be sure that your hair has been thoroughly rinsed after a beer treatment and there isn’t a lingering odor; you wouldn’t want to go to work with fab hair but smell like a whino.


Have you ever used beer as a hair product?


Chime Edwards (HairCrush)

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