My afro textured extensions, are offensive to you. ¿Why?

I’m in Africa, where  thousands of women have curly hair, but there is no place to buy creams for our natural hair. If thousands of creams to smooth and polish the extensions. So after being a long time with my hair natuural without a proper conditioner or moisturizer. I said, I wear extnsiones, but not straight hair, but with the texture of my natural hair, because lately I feel more comfortable with. So I went to the hairdresser and asked for extensions to imitate my natural hair. ! Bingo I found the. Hata there all great. What I did not expect was the reaction from other clients who entered the salon. The big question was are you going to put that on your head? But if you like your hair is curly, I do not what would. Why do not you wear something smooth. Did not understand the fuss that. They were determined to bring to the waist smooth manes. all I quero is the closest thing to me what my natural hair would be if I had brought my softener and my conditioner. Do not judge anyone but I want to wear my hair in Africa without being looked at as an unbalanced, poor, and neglected. I have not invented the texture of my hair I was born with it.

I’m sorry  they are so many people upset with their genetics, and want change it.  But the fact that is hidden, will not make it go away..
Transform your look, but not because you don’t  love to yourself, but because you want to look different. Change  are ok  when they make happy and there  is not any pressure.
This is the result of my afro style with natural texture extensions. I just love it , I hope  I get  my  moisturizer soon so I can wear my real hair  to.

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C. Saint Omer

El día que dejé de luchar conmigo misma. Ese día descubrí que también tenia una misión la de hacer que otras personas que estaban en conflicto con su yo. Se miraran desde otra perspectiva más positiva. No solo eso que se dieran cuenta de lo importante que eran y del potencial que albergaban en su interior. Ahora la web antes mis mangue ha cambiado de nombre para convertirse en un espacio de life coaching para ayudar a ti que estas bloqueado, que crees que has perdido el tren. Que deseas salir de zona de confort y no sabes como sigue y descubre que siempre hay un nuevo tren que coger. porque eres más fuerte de lo que crees y más sabio de lo que piesas .

3 respuestas a “My afro textured extensions, are offensive to you. ¿Why?

  1. Your hair looks great! I didn’t know you could get natural hair extensions for a fro. I have one but I want it bigger. How ridiculous you keep getting these comments, maybe you are meant to start the dialogue. So unfortunate.

    Hope you get your moisturizer soon.

    (Nice to see you back on your blog!)

    1. Yes I was wearing weave , I love my natural hair was not my hair creams, so I decided to put on a similar extension to the texture of my hair, that way I would not feel strange on smooth extensions. I liked the experirncia, but I’m creating a company to sell natural products for hair afro Malabo.

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